The Wildly Crafted (WCR) industrial bottle programme is disruptive because it reformulates the well-known catalogue bottle range for premium spirits. They offer an innovative register of «Rough» bottles as a new design trend and an economical packaging solution that expresses exclusivity thanks to an aesthetic proposal of artisan essentiality.

The WCRs create a design register that is the opposite of the dominant one in this segment (bottles made of extra-white cosmetic glass, with very little or no recycled glass and perfect, smooth, defect-free surfaces). 

Additionally, WCR bottles are, by concept, the true commitment to sustainability. They are manufactured only in industrial furnaces with the highest percentage of PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) glass on the market. Slight color variations and aesthetic imperfections are therefore not a problem – on the contrary, they are welcome. 

And at a lower price range (-15% approx.) that challenges the current offer.

Wildly Spirited Bottles for Craft Distillers