Brave beverage brands
through packaging

We are a benchmark agency among the ones specialized in the development of brands and products marketed in a bottle.

Our ideal project: a brand that has not been born yet. Where the essence of the brand and the positioning of the product are still key to be defined.

We develop our work in a sector that proposes new products and brands every day.

As natives, we know the rules, we already speak the audience language… we are part of the tribe.



Yes, packaging is related to design, but not only… or not simply.

What we know as packaging design is the response to a previous reflection on the brand, positioning, the reality of the category, trends, industrialisation, costs logistics… that makes possible building a strong brand.

At SERIESNEMO we believe that creativity strengthened by experience, after 30 years of knowledge and strategic thinking we continue to lead brands to success.


Searching for the perfect balance between product proposition and brand message.

As designers we have to understand what is happening… and envision what will happen. Trend monitoring is a critical part of our work. Looking to the depths, then to the horizon, anticipating the waves to be surfed.
Packaging knowledge as a driver in brand building

A guaranty that ideas can be materialised