MATCH, Never Ordinary.

Made for today’s e-Commerce most demanding consumers, MATCH delivers a range of tonic waters made with superfood botanicals in a bespoke square bottle.

The 4-pack perfectly replicates the silhouette of the iconic MATCH bottle and is ultra-compactly designed to travel safely and cost-effectively to disrupt and excite the e-commerce market

MATCH is a commitment to sustainability too, thanks to its stackable bottles of 100% recycled glass. Also, the labels have an optimized quantity of inks and an area without adhesive for peeling off the bottle, making the package even more recyclable.

The MATCH labels look and feel unique as they have a microperforated look and a rubbery soft touch that brings to mind the luxuriousness of a leather tennis racket handle. Its range of 4 colors identifies the bestselling flavors to match all types of contemporary spirits.

And we can’t forget that the MATCH range introduces the world’s first spicy tonic. For those who like to turn up the heat. An exciting alternative tonic for the brave and adventurous.

MATCH, shaking up the tonic category.