The veguero is a person who works in the cultivation of a vega, especially for the exploitation of tobacco. This character, together with the vision of the farmer and the guajiro, will always be part of the Cuban collective imagination.

    Tobacco and sugar cane are present throughout Cuban history. These two products, determining factors in the economy, became inseparable symbols of Cuba.

    And it is here that EL VEGUERO rum was born, as a result of the natural encounter between these two worlds, that of Habanos and Rum, whose manufacture and pairing are historical.

    It is not surprising then that le veguero began to distil his own rum, made in small batches and in a completely artisanal way, made to his own taste. Accustomed to the complex dedication required to care for tobacco, EL VEGUERO bottles his rum and embellishes it with whatever he can get his hands on. Recycled bottles, corks, jute twine. And it makes use of vitolas, wrappers and cigar box labels to complete its image. The result is a unique, honest product that reflects his world in a personal but generous way.