VETA+. Only few know our language

VETA+ is an innovative vertical brand distilling Swiss values in an insatiable quest for outstanding quality. Each variety is defined by an adjective that encapsulates the essence of its production: Precision Gin, Patience Whisky, and Curiosity Old Rum.

The exceptional geometry of the bespoke bottle transforms the concept of the classic flask into a contemporary and iconic brand object.

On the other hand, the presence of Swiss nature is reflected in the label and cap. Each of the 3 spirits in the VETA+ range is associated with a type of wood. And the unique stopper is composed of a cork inserted in the heart of a wooden ring and its only graphic element is the characteristic Swiss cross.

Finally, the ultra-light case is a natural fibers mono-material design. It is made from FSC-certified cardboard using a thermoforming process that fits perfectly to the characteristic geometry of the bottle. And what’s more, it is easy to store (stackable), to assemble, to handle and, most importantly, a single case for the 3 references which are distinct by a single label. This individual case becomes one more object of the VETA+ universe as an element of protection, delivery, e-commerce and presentation.

VETA+, Timeless quality with perfection beyond expectation.