TERROIR INCONNU, wine textures.

    Concept design

    In the midst of the forest, hidden and forgotten…

    There’s an extraordinary terroir waiting to be discovered.

    This concept design explores new visions in the wine field through the bottle, which is one of the most monolithic elements of wine in terms of packaging. Is it possible to do it without eccentricities, respecting the most conservative wine traditions?

    In Terroir Inconnu the bas-relief and the texture is explored not as a decoration but as itself a way of being and feeling, essential and molded just like the enduring wine character with the Terroir and the men and women who grow it.

    The terroir extends, penetrates into the bottle and the bottle is testimony to this close relationship.

    This concept is presented with Sommelier, a new finishing technique in the neck of the bottle, which represents an important change in the cut of the capsule as well as in the silhouette, cleaner and more essential.

    One day, right before the dawn a hiker got lost in a forest. He kept on walking though the undergrowth until he entered a clearing and found himself surrounded by vines. The hiker, exhausted, picked a grape and tasted it, it was something unique. He felt that those grapes encapsulated the ground he was standing on…