TORO ALBALÁ, Vinagre GRAN RESERVA 50 y 25 años

This fantastic vinegar from the Montila-Moriles D.O. made with Pedro Ximénez is the maximum exponent of this winery’s talent. Its creator and oenologist Antonio Sánchez, with exquisite patience, maintains the long aging in Castilian oak barrels for his highest quality vinegars. They are 25 and 50 year old vinegars.

The new packaging aims to express the process,  simple but impeccable. For the vinegar, the bottle with alchemic connotations is perfect and creates a direct link with the laboratory (the winemaker’s usual place of work). The custom-made stopper crowns the bottle to give a more sophisticated look to such a specific container.

Additionally, the case is created with an origami technique that allows the product to be transported in a simple but excellent format. Its base made of numerous folds protects the bottle and once opened, it can serve as a display case if it is placed on the side. The combination of bottle and base as a display stand reminds us of the silhouette of the typical «claveles reventones» of Cordoba.

Lastly, the large numbers made of lines express those time that the product clearly has in its taste.