Coquille hatches from the fruit of patience. Like a fine wine, which is aged for months in barrels, the birds incubate their eggs with affection and dedication for long periods of time until the hatching of their young. 

Both the egg’s limestone shell and the wood of the barrel are porous surfaces, irregular and unique in their characteristics, which protect while allowing the fruit to breathe and develop in a varied and unrepeatable way.

In this way, each variety of Coquille corresponds to a different bird according to its incubation/maturation time. The species chosen are the Corvus Corax (great raven), Laurus Ridibundus (black-headed gull) and Falco Tinnunculus (kestrel or falcon) and are graphically reflected with a hand-painted development of the patterns that distinguish their eggs, printed on textured, embossed paper with gold, silver and copper details. Coquille is also accompanied by a cardboard case reminiscent of those commonly used to transport eggs.

This project accompanies the launch of Sommelier a new mouth on the bottles, which involves a major change in the cut of the capsule as well as in the silhouette of the bottle, cleaner and more essential.