LE TRIBUTE, Tonic water

    This product is part of Le Tribute range, a contemporary transversal brand that recognizes the value of the pioneers, processes and heritage in the beverages sector. The package design is based on «Old but New» brand mantra and reflects its clearly transversal formal values that establish a connection between categories (spirits and no alcoholics) without losing the individual personality of each proposal.

    Le Tribute tonic water is a disruptive tonic designed by SERIESNEMO that launches a new territory in the design of tonic water high category. The objective is to surprise its consumer with new experiences: formal and sensorial. The value of the tonic Le Tribute is contained both in the product and its shape. A high quality tonic, created with the most known quinine, from Loja (Ecuador) and presented with a innovational design.

    Le Tribute’s tonic water is the first square shaped bottle of 200ml for carbonated drink. We were able to make this affirmation after a series of processes of high technic and production innovation.

    Another unique characteristic of this design is the dark amber color of the glass that revives the old pharmaceutic bottles and the original medical use of quinine. This color also protects the exceptional content of sunlight.

    The design of this tonic water uses the same esthetic parameters of Le Tribute range. The rounded vertical ribs and the glass ring in the upper part of the bottleneck.

    Fever remedy for the People and the Kings.