PER SE, light and essence of the South

Warm temperature and an orange horizon with reddish touches, provided by the sunset in the young Lisbon. The PER SE aperitif captures this color and warmth in a unique square bottle, a canvas that makes evident the beauty of the landscape and the balance of the drink. In addition, the suggestive high base of the bottle creates a pedestal that magnifies the contents.

The predominantly white label allows the precious liquid to take center stage. The natural texture of the paper, composed of 100% cotton, brings us closer to the material in its pure state. The geometric print, subtly present through a nailed-on (low embossing), transports us to the streets and hidden corners of Lisbon. And the chosen golden elements recall the presence of the sun and the Portuguese lifestyle.

The choice of a complex and elaborate typography evokes the handcrafted ironwork present on facades, railings and balconies all over Lisbon.

Finally, the product’s closure is made of two natural materials that are very typical of Portugal: wood and cork. This combination is not hidden by a capsule, but is empowered and personalized, acquiring its share of prominence.