SUAU, Mediterranean Brandy

Suau was a captain in the Spanish merchant navy and a merchant. On board his ship, «El Mallorquín», he went to Cuba, where he began to distil typical Caribbean liqueurs. He would return to Mallorca to marry and stay… where he began to make brandy in the heart of the Mediterranean, in a totally artisanal way.

In the revision of the entire range, a bottle of his own design with two possible fronts has been proposed. For the basic range, the front is used where there is an engraved text with the description BRANDY MEDITERRANEO, while for the more luxurious and more traditional range, the other front is used where the SUAU brand name is engraved in large letters.

The bespoke bottle has a fugue texture that represents the sea and together with the greenish recycled glass we have a simile of the Mediterranean that contains the product.

For the basic range, a graphic based on the shipping posters that were published when Captain Suau was a sailor has been used.

The 25 and 50 years range includes a metal medal that reproduces «El Mallorquín» which, on the bottle, appears to be sailing on the sea.