EL MIRACLE, A tribute to the extraordinary

The elaboration of wine is like life, a fascinating adventure surrounded by a halo of mystery. When the grape is transformed and the precious broth is created, EL MIRACLE is born, an exceptional and marvellous event in itself.

EL MIRACLE is presented in exclusive bottles, created in its honour to enhance its essence. The lines that run through the glass radiate reflections of luminosity, a sparkle that is born from within and defines its silhouette. The characteristic grooved body of the bottle extends up to the neck, raising its sparkle and transmitting a double emotion: visual and tactile.

The family consists of two unique bottles of different typology. The transparent, sparkling kind, bottle contains white and rosé wines, young, casual and avant-garde. The red wine is in an elegant and essential Bordeaux, its groove lines emanate a light that ends up crossing the darkness to dazzle the senses and… The palate. An honest soul that shines with such intensity that it is impossible to keep it hidden in the dark. This honesty is transmitted in an essential graphic whose depth is given by the complexity of the supports and finishes that are appreciated with the eye and, above all, with the touch.

The adhesives of these labels have been specifically studied to ensure that they can be placed directly on the ribbed glass. This has a number of technical advantages: it improves performance and speed in the labelling line, moreover, it resists the conditions of humidity and permanence in the ice bucket. On the other hand, since there is no specific smooth area for labelling, the EL MIRACLE range can be extended to include multiple options (die cut shapes, number of labels, positioning, etc.).

EL MIRACLE, made to never lose the ability to value the small miracles that surround us.