They say that it is not people who make journeys, but journeys that make people.

The history of Ramón Bilbao has always been characterised by a spirit of adventure and exploration. This is what inspires this century old winery to continue innovating and take risks where others do not dare.

Límite Norte and Límite Sur were born from the search for the limits of the Rioja appellation of origin, in areas where cultivation is complex. Where only a deep understanding of the land allows one to obtain the unique results it offers, with grape expressions that are totally different from the rest.

The label of these wines reflects this knowledge. Based on travel diaries, which collect the notes, interpretations and studies of Ramón Bilbao in his explorations of these lands, we find the most subjective view of this peculiar character on the qualities of the soil, winds, temperatures and altitudes.

And are those very same pages that become the protagonists, showing in the immediacy of his sketches all the subtleties that these regions bring to their crops. Torn labels, one by its north, the other by its south, they invite us to approach them and explore all that they have to say.

Límite Norte y Límite Sur. A journey to discover two opposing places in the Denomination of Origin Rioja.