An ode to the Japanese art & craftmanship.

    KABUKI is a contemporary luxurious whisky aged in Mizunara oak casks. A tribute to the art of rare Japanese whiskies.

    The bespoke bottle designed by SERIESNEMO is defined by the precision of the edges, inspired by architecture. The face and back are completely flat and perpendicular to the horizontal surface, evoking the luxury of pure and minimal volumes. Due to the subtle asymmetry of the bottle, the whisky is also presented in an organic shape that enhances its distinctiveness.

    To add even more elegance to the whole, the glass stopper crowns the bottle and evokes the world of the most exquisite decanters.

    The case is a fundamental element in Kabuki because its asymmetrical structure anticipates the surprising shape of the bottle. The careful overlapping of flaps recalls the culture of origami or even the layered complexity of the traditional kimono. In this way, the opening of the case becomes a secret ritual of discovery.

    KABUKI, back to the essence. Back to purity. Back to Japan.