LE TRIBUTE, Gin and Mezcal

The big challenge in the creation of this project was to obtain a unitary range image with each individual having its own personality, linked to the origin and culture of the different products. The Gin and the Mezcal – Le Tribute pioneers – pay homage to unique processes of two different continents and reinforce the spirit of a transversal brand.

The process as a global concept transcends the perceived quality of the product range. Each of its elements have been carefully developed, from the heavy cap with a cool sensation to the graphic relation between the brand and the object and the light of the glass given by its ribs and the liquid.

The formal common element is the bottle’s physiognomy (square shaped bottle with rounded vertical ribs and the glass ring in the upper part of the bottleneck). The differences are mainly marked by the particular subtleties of each label and the glass color. Dreamy pastel hues are used for the gin and mezcal bottles, giving them a sweet and delicate appearance that emphasizes quality over quantity.