On its tenth anniversary, Gin Mare invites us to travel to the heart of the Mediterranean with its limited edition GIN MARE CAPRI.

    SERIESNEMO creates for GIN MARE CAPRI a unique universe that is built around an exclusive bottle and balances materials, textures and sensations to provoke the most authentic emotions.

    The iconic «wave bottle» is reinterpreted with a silhouette of worn, rounded shapes that seem to be shaped by the erosion of sand and the passage of time. The resulting pleasant rough surface plays with the reflections of the light and offers us bluish, daring and fresh flashes.

    The label is made with embroidered fabric reminding us of the careful craftwork of the most traditional Mediterranean trades. The cork stopper is crowned with an aged metal ring that pays homage to the ancient Roman coins.

    GIN MARE CAPRI, Mediterranean origin.