A port with history

What was happening in 1867? From the Romanticism to the invention of dynamite; from Jules Verne’s visionary writings and the «tick-tack» sound of the first telegraphic submarine cable connection between Portugal and England to the times of phylloxera…. While all of this was happening, a Porto wine was aging calmly in some Duero’s cellars.

Palmer Cask 150 is the survivor of this period of changes, inventions and plagues. Its real story is printed in gold on the bottle’s glass, in touch with the wine. On the outside, its label tells the history we all know about while hiding that piece of the memory that is the 150 years of history of this very old tawny port. Only a few ones, the lucky owners of one of the 1.000 unique bottles will be able to discover the real story of this Porto wine.

This tribute to 150 years is displayed in a seducing silhouette and stylized bottle thanks to the double height of its base. The cap’s transparency lets you appreciate its cork’s heart, a high-quality fine material linked for centuries to the Portuguese manufacturing tradition and the wine culture.

How many stories tell 150 years?