Cilantro is an aromatic and medicinal herb liqueur unique in the world, made following an ancient recipe introduced in 1877 by the Goianese D. Manuel Ozores and passed down through the generations. Recognized as originating in the village of Goián, in the Baixo Miño, it has become a highly appreciated digestive in our Galician gastronomy.

    The PAZO DE VALDOMIÑO distillery took it upon itself to continue and respect the family tradition, adapting to the new times and producing this unique and sublime liqueur under the brand name CILANTRO with equal care and affection.

    The product, has a faceted bespoke bottle with 20 sides. This is the ideal proportion, according to the meigas (healing witches of Galicia), to make a perfect magical concoction. The topaz color of the glass together with the simple aluminum cap give honesty and credibility to the product.

    The label with the photograph of the Ozores family and a vintage graphic reinforces the story and take the imaginary of the product back to the 19th century. All the elements harmoniously build a product that, although contemporary, does not hesitate to bring its valuable history and tradition to the forefront.

    CILANTRO, the magic of Galicia.