Ancient Celtic settlements are scattered throughout Galicia and as a result it is known as the seventh Celtic nation. Inspired by ancient knowledge, ADA Gin is an organic gin made from a fine selection of aromatic plants used in ancient times to give strength and courage to their warriors before battle.

    Because of its commitment of sustainability and its aesthetic imperfections, the wildly crafted bottles are the perfect canvas on which to reflect a gin closely linked to nature. The bottle is surrounded by ferns, one of the most widespread plants in the north of the country, as if it were crafted in the forest among branches, plants and wild animals. Embracing this canvas of nature, the label stands out with a graphic inspired by the ancient engravings and woodcut letters on a vibrant coloured paper that stands out and shine as the flowers do in the woods.

    Finally, the bottle does not have a mechanical positioner and therefore both the leaves and the label create an infinite number of possible combinations, thus conveying the sensation of a unique, handmade product in each of its variants.

    In honour of those Celtic warriors, the lush forests and their fruits, we’ve created ADA Gin.