Lola Mola, the Spanish sangria

Lola Mola is made following the original recipe of Spanish sangria with a selection of the best grapes, citric juices from the Mediterranean, natural aromas and a careful selection of spices and herbs.

The design of Lola Mola is inspired by the artisan products that were sold in bulk in the neighbourhood grocery stores. The one ink silk-screen printing, the choice of the bottle and the closure with kraft paper are design decisions that convey the brand values and give authenticity to the product. These elements recall the image of the original sangria, rooted in popular memory and traditional graphic icons. The evocation of the neighbourhood grocery stores is reflected directly in the selection of the typography – “Tapas Type”. This alphabet was created by combining characters from different types of signs and posters from old stores. The graphic image is built as a puzzle to reinforce the casual and popular look.

The choice of a bottle with a wide mouth, typical of the category of milk and food, allows you to put fruit inside and enjoy the sangria in its most popular way.  It’s a tribute to the authentic and essential things in life that takes us to that pure and simple state of happiness…

Lola Mola is sangria, Mediterranean, sun, friends and fun!