GINABELLE, natural glam

Ginabelle is a rarity by itself in the category of premium gins. A fruity distillate base with a bright character, fresh and spring-like but at the same time with complex and sophisticated nuances. A constant contradiction that reflects each design decision. The bottle simple forms and the monochromatism (gold-white) intentionally contrasts with the ornamentation, the layers of labelling and the overall complexity of the design.

The superimposition of paper labelling responds to the depth and the undertones of the product which is the soul and personality of the brand. It is inspired by the female bourgeoisie fashion of the 19th century: feminine, natural and carefree yet sophisticated, cultured and exquisite. Clearly vintage, ornamented and floral, worked with precision and skill as if it were a dress.

However, packaging needs have always been a priority. The brand legibility and the hierarchy of the content is accurate, sorted by different degrees of depth, almost physical. The brand in gold, embossed in the first level of the label is dominant. Other contents are also arranged in layers as if they were the curves of a map.

Ginabelle presents itself dressed on an innovative DobleAlto® bottle that enhances its content. A bottle designed with a double height base composed by a thick glass bottom and high perimeter whose interior is painted with the corporate gold. This decoration transmits the exclusivity of the content and enhances the presentation of the product.

Ginabelle, dressed to enjoy a glamorous picnic.