¡HOLA! Mediterráneo

¡HOLA!, the most international and friendly greeting becomes a sparkling wine.

The exclusive bottle of ¡HOLA! is dressed in luxury, enriching its surface with the characteristic flower of the pavements of Barcelona, the most cosmopolitan Mediterranean city.

The embossed graphic texture manifests itself differently in the two colors of glass that make up the ¡HOLA! range. 

The transparent Brut Rosé bottle creates intense sparkles, illuminating and filling with brilliance the most unrepeatable moments and meetings. In this way, it reveals the fresh and characteristic pink tone of its contents.

On the contrasting side, the dark bottle of the ¡HOLA! Brut variety emits infinite reflections that end up piercing the darkness to dazzle the senses, celebrate occasions and …satisfy the palate. 

The organic quality of this Traditional Coupage is reflected in austere and honest labels, made with the minimum number of inks and 100% recycled paper. The customization goes all the way to the top. Both the design of the plate and the color of the wire distinguish each of the two varieties.

HELLO! sparkling wine, because the Mediterranean is much more than just a place, it is a lifestyle.