HUCK, mineral water

Water is the Driving force of all nature”

The purity, the transparency, the mountains, the blue… the daring.

The urban, cosmopolitan and energetic look of this new water brand is shown in its bespoke exclusive bottle. Its rectangular and bold shape with rounded edges reminds us of a daily use object… our smartphone. The size of the bottle is thought to be both functional and cool. 

The water’s origin and the mountain spring are represented in a geometrical faceted relief on the facing side in an almost literally way. The set of prisms causes the reflections of light to be shown over the label getting though the water and reflecting the changing light, dynamically and fresh.

Its monochromatism is a tribute to the water, sky, calmness and health.

Furthermore, Huck is an environmentally friendly product from which it receives the purest water. Its brick shape optimizes the conveyance and storage. The faceted side has three contact points for a balanced and flat support. Consequently, the space occupied by the bottle is almost the same as the volume of the water.

There is only one label made out of transparent material on which both the front and the back are one-side printed and then adhesive to the back of the bottle. This gives us two different visuals: the front and the back; printed on only one side. The back is used to communicate the brand’s values with typographic op-art games.