It was José Ignacio Exner, the son of a German immigrant, who acquired from the latter a passion for the mountains, the ability to observe the countryside and an interest in learning the best farming practices. It is not unrelated that, after travelling around Spain, it was the imposing and complex orography of Asturias that captivated him. This land was the perfect place to fulfil his dream: to plant some very special apple trees that he would look after on a daily basis and thus make a unique cider from them.

That is why this care is also transferred to the label. Respecting the purity of this cider, the elements that compose it are reduced to their maximum simplicity. A memorable photographic image in black and white, surrounded by a careful typographic composition and signed with a striking logo. All of this is finished off with touches of gold hot stamping that recall the flashes of light that this cider offers us.

The result: an honest, approachable product that conveys the desire to extract the best from the most natural and shows us that quality and craftsmanship are attributes full of passion, conviction and commitment.

EXNER, Craft Apple Cider