From a mass consumer product to a new design icon.

Why can’t everyday, basic, inexpensive products connect emotionally with the consumer? AQUA represents the ideological conviction of design that mass consumer products can and should also have a soul.

The briefing given by the client, had the objective of making a water for mass consumption and own brand, that is to say, to take into account maximum cost optimization in order to offer an affordable product. SERIESNEMO accepted this interesting and motivating challenge for the industrial and graphic design departments.

The result of this challenge is AQUA, a bottle with nostalgic, soft and elegant shapes that captures the essence, lifestyle and light of the Mediterranean. The design features, the verticality of the rounded grooves that give structure to the bottle and the color of the PET (aqua green) work to give us the refraction, transparency and tones that can only be found in glass bottles.

AQUA is also an effort of sustainability. It is manufactured in 29g PET with a standard 1.4g cap in natural polypropylene (no color additives) and a label printed in two colors only.

In addition, the design has been optimized to meet the most demanding requirements of logistics platforms and to achieve a significant reduction of the carbon footprint.