Mistinguett cava is a tribute to all women who work each day to make their dreams come true, just like Mistinguett did. A woman whose audacity, hard work and perseverance made her the greatest French entertainer of all time.

    Just like the famous vedette, Mistinguett cava –Método Tradicional/Traditional Method- wears feathers to reveal her suggestive shapes and her insinuating undulations. The exclusive bottle resembles the sophisticated and festive atmosphere of the Parisian high society from the early 20th century.

    Both pack and product create a balanced combination between its seducing strength and its coquettish character. Mistinguett’s magnetic allure comes from force of character blended with that touch of coquetry that makes all the difference. The label, like a silk bow or a piece of jewellery, becomes the essential highlight that every show needs.

    A magnetic and sensual, insinuating and provocative, untameable and imaginative branding … with its own name.

    Let the show begin!