CAPUCANA. Handcrafted cachaça

Capucana is an artisan “cachaça”, Brazilian soul and a category review. Traditional and contemporary, also represents the mysterious and unknown Brazil. Leaving aside all the clichés and keeping only the magic and mystery that surrounds its fascinating culture. A different brand, unique, artisan, rural, very Brazilian…

The amber of the bottle refers to the color of the fields where the sugar cane is grown. Its appearance, intentionally rough and not very refined in its texture, refers to the land of origin. The combination of its slender form, soft curves and narrow neck crowned by a large wooden cap creates a figure that enhance its cultural attributes with the clear intention of transcending folklore.

The label puts on record the legacy, the knowledge of the master distillers and the different fields where the sugarcane is grown, the meticulous dedication of the processors who, generation after generation, have preserved the formula and the origins as the family fortune.

CAPUCANA Handcrafted cachaça is «Na vanguarda da cachaça».